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As one of the places where children and adolescents spend most of their time, schools have the opportunity to improve health, connect students to needed resources and health care, and help them graduate on time. The Center for School, Health and Education is working with school-based health centers to coordinate the efforts of schools and service providers in schools to best serve students.

One way school-based health centers can improve health and help students graduate on time is by taking part in health reform efforts. Many health reform initiatives are focused on cross-sector collaboration and address the non-clinical needs of patients. SBHCs can be valuable partners in the reform process because, in addition to providing health care, they can serve as a hub for social and educational services in schools. Rather than just providing primary care, SBHCs can link the children and adolescents they serve to mental health care providers, nutrition services, benefits counselors, and a wide range of other services. Overall, SBHCs recognize that health is shaped by a variety of factors outside clinic walls and that collaboration with other providers is needed to improve health.

In honor of National School-Based Health Care Awareness Month, we are sharing how school-based health centers across the country are developing innovative strategies and partnerships to provide care for the young people they serve. The Center for School, Health and Education has developed case studies that highlight SBHCs across the country. These case studies describe ways SBHCs are using telehealth  to connect students to health care providers, how SBHC sponsors can help individual centers take part in health reform efforts, and how SBHCs are working to address the social determinants of health. All of the case studies describe how collaborations between SBHCs and other providers can improve student health. We hope that you share these resources and learn more about how SBHCs can leverage health reform efforts to improve the health and educational success of their students.


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Jason Coates
Policy Analyst
American Public Health Association